Caramel Apples with Worms

These are perfect for halloween, delicious, easy and… gruesome! Check out our video to see how much fun we had making them. Happy halloween and hope you get lots of sweeties this year 🙂

Prep: 10 minutes

Cook: 2 minutes

Serves: 6

Level: Easy

What you will need

  • 6 Granny smith or other apples
  • 6 wooden skewers
  • 2 packs (400-500g) caramel sweets
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • 1 pack gummy worms
  • 6 toothpicks
  • a selection of crushed nuts, mini M&M’s, wafer biscuits or sprinkles

Let’s get cooking!

Prepare the apples

  1. Wash the apples, if your apples are waxed pour boiling water over them to remove the wax so the caramel will stick to the surface.
  2. Dry the apples thoroughly, if they are wet the caramel will slide off!
  3. Insert wooden skewers firmly into the stem end of each apple
  4. Use scissors to cut each worm into 3 parts
  5. Cut the toothpicks into 4 and insert the toothpicks into the cut ends of the worms

Melt the caramel sweets

  1. Unwrap all the caramel sweets and place into a microwave safe bowl
  2. microwave on high for 2 minutes, then at 30 second intervals after that until liquid
  3. Add the milk and mix into the melted caramel until fully incorporated

Dip the apples

  1. Holding the wooden skewer, submerge each apple into the caramel mixture and turn to fully coat
  2. Lift the coated apple and allow the excess caramel to drip off
  3. press each coated apple into your selection of nuts, M&M’s, wafer biscuits or sprinkles
  4. Place the apple onto a plate lined with parchment paper
  5. Insert the worms on toothpicks into the apples so they look like they are crawling in and out
  6. Refrigerate for one hour or until set